Nexus Partners for Accessibility partners with local organizations to build inclusive communities for people with disabilities all over the world.

We are working towards a world in which every person with a disability is valued and meaningfully participating in a loving community.

Currently partnered with grassroots organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Haiti and Romania, NPA is providing education, advocacy, therapy, resources and networking to the local community. Depending on the organization or people we’ve partnered with, this might look like:

  • Taking a team of  therapists, special education experts, and other volunteers to lead an ‘Art & Therapy Respite Camp’ for caregivers and children with severe special needs
  • Helping the local community establish support groups for caregivers
  • Doing home visits urban slums with therapists to provide support, trouble-shooting and training for children with disabilities and their caregivers
  • Providing adapted equipment for kids, like wheelchairs and positioning equipment, fitted by a professional therapist
  • Leading restorative retreats for local leaders to recuperate and network with like-minded disability advocates and community organizers
  • Leading workshops for educators at inclusive schools
  • Teaching local community members how to build adapted equipment out of cardboard

Watch the video below to hear a little bit more about us!