NPA…practices inclusion

Inclusion is the practice of actively working to ensure all members of a community have access to full participation in their community. We recognize the inherent value, human dignity and human rights of each individual.


NPA…supports local leadership

We value the expertise and knowledge of local community leaders. We recognize that they deeply understand their local context and how to initiate necessary changes. We embrace a vision of leadership that emphasizes local resources to solve local problems, rather than creating a culture of reliance on outside funding. NPA seeks to partner with local leaders to 1) bolster effective programs and people, 2) Provide materials, methodologies and other resources that can help them accomplish their work and 3) Create mutually beneficial connections with other leaders and organizations, both locally and globally.


NPA…is conscientious

NPA will conscientiously evaluate its financial, environmental, social and professional impact as an organization, and will use best-practices to understand the downstream effects of any programs, actions or partnerships.  We will be transparent in our money management.  We will be conscious of how our organizational decisions impact the human and natural environments.  We will be cognizant of potential power dynamics of privilege that exist within our organization and partnerships, and attempt to level the playing field.

NPA…is dynamic

We commit to maintaining an attitude of learning and growth. We are open to innovation and responsive to the priorities of the local leaders. We aim to have a positive impact on people’s lives and communities, and our expectation is that our thinking and methodologies may have to shift as we learn from our partners or our mistakes.